The Best Bridgeport style R8 quick change available.

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New Online Reference Catalog


Our online reference catalog will show you how the various components of the R8 Quick Change Tooling system all interact. There are descriptions to the items, photos and charts.


  • Our Quick Change tooling system is an inexpensive and cost effective alternative to other systems on the market.
  • Our tooling can be used on any bench top, mini mill,  table top or Bridgeport milling machine that accepts R8 collets.. 
  • The R8 Quick Change is used by simply installing the Master Holder into the spindle where the R8 Bridgeport style collet would go into.
  • No modifications to your machine is required and can be moved to other machines within minutes.
  • Once installed, the operator can easily change out tools in a matter of a few seconds. 

We hope that this information is useful for current and potential owners of our tooling systems.


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